Customer insights through data analytics

Retailers are always looking for a competitive edge against their competitors to provide a better customer experience and increase sales. The latest trend in the business world is data-based decision making where data drives the strategy of an organisation. Retailers in the Middle East collect and are thus equipped with a huge amount of data and are only slowly realising that the data they posses is valuable.

In light of the migration to analytics that retailers in the Middle East are embarking on, IQPC is proud to present the Retail Analytics Forum that will take place in Dubai from 28-30 November. Join us at this 3-day forum and discuss the benefits of utilising data and the best practices employed to transform your operation into a more customer-centric and profitable retail business.

Don’t miss your chance to find out how you can utilise this data effectively to increase sales, improve marketing strategy and personalise each shopper’s experience.

Hear from retail experts including

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Mohammad Shokoohi-Yekta
Data Scientist, Apple

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Apple’s Data Scientist to lead a 2-day Data Science Boot Camp

Get hands-on training on data analytics applications directly from Apple’s Data Scientist flying down all the way from San Francisco Bay Area, US.

Attend this 2-day boot camp and equip yourself with the necessary skills to organise, understand, manipulate and develop your strategy based on the data you have accumulated from your customers.

Make sure you attend with your team to find out how data analytics can help you increase profitability for your business.

Attend this event to:

Leverage your data to better understand your customers and deliver customer satisfaction

Manage your supply chain more effectively to reduce inventory costs and never run out of products

Identify new trends and implement a marketing strategy to capitalise on them before your competition

Utilise predictive analytics to make more informed decisions and boost sales performance

Build effective e-marketing and mobile strategies by exploiting your customer data

Who is this event for?

Do not miss this event if you work for a retail company and are

  •  Data analyst
  •  Data scientist
  •  CEO
  •  CFO
  •  CIO
  •  CMO
  •  Head of retail
  •  Head of merchandising
  •  Head of customer insights
  •  Head of e-commerce
  •  Heads of IT
  •  Head of loyalty
  •  Chief data officer
  •  Business intelligence
  •  Business analyst
  •  Head of supply chain
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